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EXO is love, ambiance, elegance, comfort, social, sexy, peaceful, unique, a destination. There is not another destination in the mid-west that offers a New York vibe. Our establishment is a 2-year vision in the making – a dream to bring a remarkable and different type of venue to Edwardsville.

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EXO Industries is a brand of lifestyle services. The company currently consists of EXO Lounge, a unique cocktail lounge that serves organic, healthy cocktails and EXO Nail Bar, a full-service nail bar dedicated to consistently providing high customer satisfaction by rendering excellent service, quality organic products and furnishing an enjoyable atmosphere that appeals to the senses.

Our Brands

From exquisite night life experiences, to elegant
nails, and aesthetics.

EXO Is...
A Destination

Experience the energy of EXO Lounge. Indulge in our exclusive, first of its kind destination, serving organic cocktails blessed by the heavens.

EXO Is...
An Escape From Reality

Experience the atmosphere at EXO Nail Bar. A seductive and luxurious escape built for the senses. Be treated like royalty, in an atmosphere where your pleasure is our satisfaction.

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