EXO 2.0,
Simply EXtraOrdinary

EXO is love, ambiance, elegance, comfort, social, sexy, peaceful, unique, a destination. There is not another destination in the mid-west that offers a New York vibe. Our establishment is a 2-year vision in the making – a dream to bring a remarkable and different type of venue to Edwardsville.

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EXO Brands consists of EXO Lounge, EXO Nail Bar and EXO Med Spa. A personal Utopia, we offer premium lifestyle services to customers who value and invest in their health and wellbeing. You don’t need to escape to the big cities to enjoy the very best atmosphere, cutting-edge technology, or lavish service that is backed by a forward thinking group of passionate industry experts. Shed your skin, visit EXO and you’ll never look back!

Our Brands

From exquisite beverages, to elegant
nails, and aesthetics.

It's In
The Details

It’s the finer things in life. The extra mile; the last 10 yards; that one remaining inch. EXO delivers on every level. Small details compound to big results. We focus on great service, quality and detailed orientated work, and well researched health and wellness services.

EXO Is...
An Escape From Reality

Experience the atmosphere at EXO. A seductive and luxurious escape built for the senses. Be treated like royalty, in an atmosphere where your pleasure is our satisfaction.

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