Welcome to the EXO Lounge Ultimate Flip Cup Championships

Come and join the EXO Lounge Ultimate Flip Cup Championship. The most daring and challenging of flip cup tournaments is on your doorstep. Enter your team of 10, and be crowned the summer league champions.


  • 8 players per team, nominate up to 16 players. Teams can have less than ten, some players will flip more than once each round if less than ten player.
  • 9 weeks of play
  • Every Wednesday June 2nd-July 28th 6pm-10pm
  • Each team will choose a team color
  • Each team will choose their name
  • Game schedules sent out to designated team captions every week.
  • Eight teams competing at any one time
  • 16 teams in the competition
  • Schedule mailed out weekly

Enter Your Team

  • $100 per team registration (register below)
  • Weekly entry cost of $25 per player (covers 8 shots for your game)